29 May 2017


I live where I live because I want nothing and that is what there is the most of here.

The sky is a constant, and here is yesterday's view from my kitchen window.

Big fat cumulo-nimbus clouds full of precipitation [they looked better than my snaps show them] so there's  a lot of rain in the gauge and the 26,000-litre watertank is overflowing.
Last weekend I drove the 700 kilometre return trip to Melbourne's urban traffic nightmare, surviving the Burnley tunnel, and the M3  after some years in a mere dot on the map.
I criss-crossed  the entire 150-kilometre wide sprawl that Melbourne is now, going through Eltham, Port Melbourne, Balwyn, and Brighton
[the supermarket had chinese-language newspapers and my old friend now has double security doors on her jewellery store] and
I was very glad to be back here in NothingButSkyville afterward.